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For just $16,500 pesos you can forever change the life of a promising local high school graduate by sponsoring their first year of university.  This scholarship program provides the necessary financial assistance, academic support and mentorship to students who are motivated to continue their education but lack the means to do so.

This program provides support to students who plan to attend university in Autlan or Colima.  Below you can view estimated costs for one year of study at these two universities. Please note students have to move from La Manzanilla to Colima or Autlan in order to be able to attend university.  

University of Colima

If you are sponsoring a student who chooses to go to the University of Colima, your sponsorship will cover their tuition & books (6000 – 10,000 pesos, depending on the program they are enrolled in) and LCEF’s scholarship administration cost of 1500 pesos.  The remaining funds will be distributed to the students to help offset some of their basic living expenses.

University of Autlan

This university is the more affordable of the two schools as it is a public institution.  Tuition is roughly 1200 pesos a year and course books are around 4,000-8,000 pesos per year.  If you are sponsoring a student who chooses to go to the university in Autlan, your sponsorship will cover their tuition & books and LCEF’s scholarship administration cost (1500 pesos), and the remaining funds will be distributed to the student to help offset some of their basic living expenses.

Selection Process:

Using the following criteria LCEF will work with the high school principal and teachers to carefully select the scholarship recipients.

The student must have:

  • A strongly expressed desire to attend university
  • Demonstrated financial need
  • High academic merit (must have an average grade or 8.5 on the 10 point Mexican grading system (equivalent to a “B+” average)
  • Participated in community service work
  • Participated in one of La Catalina Foundation’s educational programs
  • A plan to attend the university in Autlan or Colima and acceptance into the university

Students will also be required to submit an application and personal essay, explaining why they are in need of the scholarship and what their future educationl plans are.  Our Scholarship Coordinator will also meet with the student and his or her family for an interview and screening prior to finalizing the scholarship.

How the Scholarship is administered:

The student will receive the scholarship in five installments throughout the school year.  It will be their responsibility to pay for their tuition, books and other fees with these funds. 

Each semester, students will submit their grades to our Scholarship Coordinator. The student must maintain a minimum “B+” average as well as continue to fulfill the other scholarship responsibilities required by LCEF in order to continue receiving their financial stipends throughout the school year.

Meet the Student You Sponsor:

Sponsors will receive a thank you note from the student they fund.  In order to get to know the student and their family, sponsors are invited to make contact through letter correspondence,  or in-person visits which LCEF will organize.  The recipient’s photo and information about them will be posted on our website with a personal message from the student.  Donor may also request a copy of the student’s first and second semester progress report.

To sign up as a scholarship sponsor, please contact us.     


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