Wings Scholarship Candidates

This talented group of students has shown a strong desire to continue their education in the 2016-2017 school year but most, for a variety of reasons, cannot afford it. Below is a list of La Manzanilla middle school and high school students who need a sponsor to help them fulfill their dreams! For more information on the scholarships please go to the Middle School Wings ScholarshipsHigh School Wings Scholarships, or University Wings Scholarships pages. 

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Middle School 

7th grade:

Jan Cobian Garcia

Age: 11

Grade Point Average: 9.3

Career Goals: International financier                               


Jan Cobian Garcia is very smart and has won the first place in his class of 50 students.   He lives with his mother and younger brother, as his parents are divorced.  He is hard working and is inspired by his uncle.  His dream is to become an international financier like his uncle.  He wishes to help his mother and younger brother have a better life.  He needs financial help because his mother has the sole economic responsibility for him and his brother.

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Jose Luis

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 8.6

Career Goal: Doctor    


Jose Luis is an active boy, always alert to his surroundings.  He is smart and funny with a passion for math, which he does well at.  He is a regular at our homework club and participates in extracurricular activities.  Jose lives with his younger brother and mother who earns a modest living in the field of domestic help.  Jose dreams of becoming a doctor, with the skills to heal his mom when she gets sick. She has carried out the roles of both mother and father and has been the major inspiration in Jose Luis’ life. 


8th grade:

Luis Armando

Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 8.7

Career Goal: Veterinaria

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Luis Armando is a fierce achiever.  He comes from a large family and he works hard to keep his grades up.  His quest for knowledge is enthusiastic!  His love for animals and his desire to help them has sparked his desire to become a veterinarian.  Luis needs financial help because his family’s tiny store cannot provide for all of his school expenses.

Angela Lizeth

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.3

Career Goal: Teacher  

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Angela is a sweet girl who lives with her mother, father, and younger sister.  She would like to become a teacher and travel the world.  Angela’s mom teaches her that education comes first and that she should apply herself diligently in school to achieve her goals.  Angela needs financial assistance to supplement her school expenses because her father’s meager earnings do not fully provide for them.

Yohaly Areli

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 8.9

Career Goal: Designer                                                             

Yohaly is a sweet artistic girl who dreams of someday becoming a designer.  She is already sketching designs in her notebook and is a competitive Volleyball and Soccer player.  She lives with her mother, father, sister, and brother.  Her father works in construction and palapa service and repair.  Her father is the sole provider in her family, which leaves her in need of financial help to further her education.

Estephany Yoselin 

Age: 12

Grade Point Average: 9.5

Career Goal: Veterinarian        

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At age 12, Estephany Yoselin Magaña is an avid reader and is excelling, with a G.P.A. of 9.5 on the Mexican scale of 1 -10.  She is a fierce animal advocate and activist who is working hard at school toward a Veterinarian’s degree.  Estephany’s family consists of her three sisters, her stepdad, and mom who works at the “Chantli Mare” Restaurant in Boca de Iguana.   Estephany has been greatly inspired by her mom’s advice to work hard for what she wants in life.

9th grade:


Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 9.7

Career Goal: Fashion Designer

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Melissa Martinez Parra’s kindness shows through her quite demeanor.  She is comfortable at home with her mother, her father, and two older sisters.  Melissa likes to help her father to take care of the habitat for the crocodiles here in La Manzanilla.  She has big dreams of becoming the best fashion designer in the world, a position that is laced with trips to Paris, New York and new designs! You can be the one to supplement her hard work at school to make her dream come true.  

Ariana Yazari

Age: 13

Grade Point Average: 8.8                                                 

Career Goal: Nutritionist

Ariana Yazari Virrueta Alejandre wants to be a nutritionist.  She wishes to share this knowledge with family and friends.  She leads an active life that includes volleyball and stays in good shape.  Her large family consists of her mom, dad, two sisters, and two brothers.  Dad, working as a builder’s helper, is the sole breadwinner of the household.  Adriana dreams of traveling out beyond the confines of La Manzanilla.

High School Candidates


Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.0                                                         

Career Goal: Architect

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Nanci Yenissey Aceves Bernal is quiet and shy.  She lives with her father and four siblings.  Nanci’s father is a single parent who educates and sustains his family by working as a fisherman.  One of Nanci´s sibling has a disability, which adds financial strain to the family. Nanci wants to become an architect and earn enough money to help her dad.  Her mom was an inspiration by teaching Nanci that good things in life come through hard work.  Thusly, Nanci has a job in order to help pay for some of her school expenses.


Age: 19

Grade Point Average: 8.8

CareerGoal: Biologist or Enviromental Engineer                                            

Adan Sahagun Villanueva lives with his father and stepmother, his stepbrother, and his twin brother.  Adan wishes to become a Biologist or Environmental Engineer.  He loves working with animals and is always learning more about their environment and animal advocacy.  He is an active boy who enjoys volleyball.  Adan takes care of his handicapped uncle in the mornings and attends school in the afternoons.


Age: 19

Grade Point Average: 9.0

CareerGoal: Biologist or Enviromental Engenier                                            

Candelario Sahagun Villanueva is Adan’s twin.  He lives with his father and stepmother, stepbrother and twin brother.  Candelario, like his twin brother, wishes to become a Biologist or Environmental Engineer.  He is active in environmental studies, specifically, cataloguing local plant life.  His favorite sport is Volleyball.  Candelario is a self-motivated, hard-working young man who buys his own school supplies.


Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.1

CareerGoal: Biologist                                                           

Heriberto Chaves Sandoval is a bright young man who lives with his mother, father,older brother, and younger sister. His father is a well-loved middle school teacher here in La Manzanilla. Heriberto is ecology-minded and wants to become a Biologist. He loves his community and is driven to preserve its natural habitat. He is inspired by his father, who works so hard and still has enough energy to help in the community. Heriberto wants to make his family proud.


Age: 16

Grade Point Average: 9.4

CareerGoal: Veterinarian   

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Anahy's parents have a store that sells beach wear and tourist items. They are supporting not only Anahy who is studying, but also three of her four siblings who are still studying.  Her parents obviously believe in the value of education, but it is very difficult for them to continue supporting all their children in their studies! Anahy is a very sweet girl who works hard and has excellent grades.


Age: 16

Grade Point Average: 9.1

CareerGoal:  Engineer 

Karla is very well behaved at school and works hard to keep her grades up.  Her parents work hard running a small shop to support her  and her 2 younger siblings. She is ready to give all she can to achieve her goal of becoming an engineer.



Age: 19

Grade Point Average: 8.8

CareerGoal: High School Teacher                                                   


Diana is energetic and always has a smile on her face! She wants to be a teacher so she can help other students. She believes that one can achieve anything provided that sufficient effort is put in. Diana lives with her two siblings and her parents. Her dad is a plumber and her mom runs a bottle-return shop. The family has had extra financial stress recently as her sister and her 3 little nieces have moved back into the family home.