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La Manzanilla High School

Students leaving the La Manzanilla middle school now have another option of where to study. There is now a high school in La Manzanilla and some students choose to study here. For information on La Manzanilla High school scholarships please click here

Other High Schools in the Region

How Can You Help?

For just $13,300 pesos you can make a difference in the life of a graduating student from La Manzanilla's telesecundaria (middle school) by sponsoring their first year of high school and giving them the wings to fly!  This provides a student with a full scholarship, covering the majority of their expenses for the first year of high school. 

1 in 5 students graduating from La Manzanilla's middle school drop out of school.  In prior years, the drop out rate has been even higher.  

Some of the factors inhibiting students from attending high school include the following:

  • Limited economic resources, coupled with the need to start working to assist the family with earning money
  • Inconvenience of not having a high school in La Manzanilla (students must travel anywhere from 20 to 30 minutes by car, and much longer by bus, to attend one of the high schools in neighboring towns)
  • Lack of interest and motivation 
  • Teenage pregnancies

By becoming a scholarship sponsor, you can give the lifetime gift of education to a student who has the interest to pursue a high school education but lacks the financial means. 

Potential scholarship recipients must demonstrate high academic standing and good character. These are the students who are seen to be most likely to pursue further education and to give back to the community. Once accepted in the program, financial assistance by sponsors is distributed to students based on their financial need.

Below is a budget of the costs for one year of study in the public high schools along with the scholarship administration fee incurred by our foundation:

Approx. cost (in Mexican pesos) to attend Melaque, Cihuatlan or Miguel Hidalgo High School for the 10-month school year

Cost Description


Admission Cost


Tuition (2 semesters)


Books (5 courses/semester)


Transportation for 40 weeks


75% of lunch costs for 40 weeks




Wings Special Group Activities


Weekly Academic Tutoring


LCEF scholarship administration cost


Total (in pesos)


Please note:
This budget does not include the costs associated with receiving funds through PayPal or our U.S. fiscal sponsor, CMS.  In order to ensure that our foundation will receive the full $13,300 pesos necessary to cover all of the expenses associated with the student you are sponsoring, we kindly ask that you increase your donation amount to $14,000 pesos if paying through PayPal or $14,800 pesos if paying through CMS to get a U.S. tax deductible receipt.

Our rationale for providing a first-year scholarship is:

  • The first year of high school is usually the hardest for students, with the highest drop out rate occurring right after middle school. First-year scholarships provide motivation and support to start strong.
  • After the student has one year of financial support to assist the transition from middle to high school, they will have the extra age, experience, and skills to perhaps begin working to fund additional years of study.

If the sponsor is pleased with the result of their scholarship student, they may choose to continue sponsoring this student for another two years until he or she completes high school (high school in Mexico is for three years). This is not expected, however, and the student will receive the scholarship with the understanding that it is for their first year to help them get a jump start on their education.

Selection Process:

Using the following criteria LCEF Board Members work with the middle school principal and teachers to select the scholarship recipients:

  • Graduating middle school student who would like to attend the high school
  • High academic merit
  • Participant in community service work
  • Participant in one of La Catalina Foundation’s educational programs (English classes or other program)
  • Participant must maintain at least an average grade of 8.5 on the 1 – 10 point Mexican grading system (equivalent to a B+ average).
  • Students with demonstrated financial need will be given the highest priority in our selection process.  Those with lesser need will only be awarded a scholarship if there are enough scholarships available.

The scholarship recipient will be announced at the middle school graduation ceremony held in La Manzanilla in the beginning of July.

How the Scholarship is administered:

The student receives payments in five installments throughout the academic year for their school expenses, lunches and transportation costs.  The remaining funds will go towards their weekly private tutoring sessions and the administrative costs associated with running this program. LCEF requires scholarship students to attend these extra tutoring sessions as well as completing 40 hours of community service throughout the year. These requirements are meant to build upon and enhance the student's in-school education and give back to the community.

Meet the Student You Sponsor:

Sponsors will receive a thank you note from the student they fund.  In order to get to know the student and their family, sponsors are invited to make contact through letter correspondence or in-person visits which LCEF will organize.  The recipient’s photo will be posted on our website with a personal message from the student.  Donor may also request a copy of the student’s first and second semester progress report.

To sign up as a scholarship sponsor, please contact us.     


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