Potential Scholarship Recipients

This talented group of students has shown a strong desire to continue their education in the 2012-2013 school year but most, for a variety of reasons, cannot afford it. Below is a list of La Manzanilla middle school and high school students who still need a sponsor to help them fulfill their dreams! For more information on the scholarships please go to the Middle School Wings Scholarships or High School Wings Scholarships pages. Although the school year has begun we are still able to manage a scholarship for these great students so please contact us now!

Please contact us for more information about sponsoring a remarkable scholarship student!

High School Students Who Need Your Help!



Age: 15

Grade Point Average: 9.9/10

Career Goals: Architect

Ricardo is consistently the top student in his class with almost a perfect GPA.  He dreams of becoming an architect when he is older, although the others in his family have limited formal education.  He has always been inspired by his mom who works hard and runs her own business.  His father has been the mayor of La Manzanilla but is currently not working.  Ricardo is highly intelligent and supporting this gifted student with great potential will without a doubt be a worthwhile investment in our future generation of youth.


Please contact us for more information about sponsoring a remarkable scholarship student!

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