History of La Catalina Educational Foundation

 In 2002 Gabriela de la Vega and Pablo Martinez del Campo were inspired by  individuals in the community who were giving English classes to local residents.  This prompted Gabi and Pablo to envision La Manzanilla as the first truly bilingual town in Mexico. As a first step towards making this vision a reality, in January of 2003 they initiated and sponsored free English classes for all of the children in the La Manzanilla schools as well as evening adult classes.

Victor Amezcua and Julie Catton, founders of La Catalina Natural Language School, soon joined Gabi and Pablo and all four worked to establish La Catalina Educational Foundation as a non-profit organization. From this humble beginning in 2003 LCEF has grown to offer not only language opportunities, but also literacy assistance, mathematics opportunities and small business  development training for the local people of La Manzanilla and its surrounding areas.

La Manzanilla has increasingly attracted more tourists and foreign residents.  This has created a greater need for educational programs that support the Mexican community in finding more opportunity and success in an economy with different requirements.

La Catalina Educational Foundation's programs now include:

  • Weekly English classes delivered to every grade level in the elementary and middle school
  • Bi-weekly multi-level evening English classes for adults
  • Periodic teacher training workshops in the high school mathematics department throughout the Mexican state of Jalisco
  • Bi-weekly art classes for children
  • On-going tutoring for children with special needs
  • Fundraising efforts for La Manzanilla public schools
  • Small business development projects

 Please see our Programs page for more information.