LCEF has grown substantially since its humble beginning in 2003 offering free adult English classes and supporting English classes in the public schools!  Each year new programs have been added in response to needs expressed by the community, and existing programs have been improved upon and solidified.  The desire of the Board of Directors is to offer and support a variety of educational activities that instill a love of learning in children and open up greater opportunities for both youth and adults.  As such, LCEF has added art, dance, mathematics, music classes, tutoring and a rapidly-growing scholarship program and is continuously looking for ways to improve and expand upon existing programs. 

The Costa Alegre Educational Center is a landmark project for LCEF. The project has developed over the last three years, and currently the Center includes a multi-use classroom, partially finished bathrooms, an herb garden, and most recently, the foundation for a second classroom. LCEF holds the long-term goal of developing the Center as the focal point for the many programs and activities offered to the community.  An expanded space will enable an increased variety of programs as well as classes which require separate space such as a computer lab that will allow for classes in computer skills, web design, and general student computer use.

Below you will find LCEF's plan which was created in 2007 by board members and driven by the results of a community survey.  You will see that over the past three years, the core programs of LCEF have remained strong while some projects have unfortunately been cancelled due to a lack of teachers and funding. We believe this issue will be resolved with the further development of the Costa Alegre Educational Center and the addition of a few revenue generating programs, which will allow us to continue sustaining and increasing the multitude of free or highly subsidized programs available for local residents.  With the Center, LCEF will be able to hire local teachers and rely less on volunteers who often find it difficult to make a long-term commitment. 

Here at LCEF, we are committed to continuous improvement which means monitoring and making necessary improvements to existing programs as well as adding new programs. We are proud of what a small but dedicated group of people, including both Mexican and non-native friends and residents, has accomplished within the community.  We look forward to the continued growth and development of programs that serve the community of La Manzanilla!