Costa Alegre Educational Center


The Costa Alegre Educational Center, 2011


What is the Costa Alegre Educational Center?

The Costa Alegre Educational Center (CAEC) currently consists of a single classroom, a bathroomand an herb garden, and is the site of the majority of LCEF's programs. It provides the community with a multi-functional educational center to boost the success of LCEF's programs that in turn support personal empowerment through educational advancement. Much of LCEF's work is currently dedicated to expanding the center, providing space and stability for a great expanse of resources and learning opportunities.

While the CAEC is already home to many strong courses, as it develops further it will become a learning hub within the community, offering core academic programs in English, computers and math,  tutoring and mentorship programs, as well as classes in dance, visual arts and theatre. Staying consistent with the LCEF vision, any new programs that the center makes possible will be offered free of charge or at highly subsidized rates.

The completed center will include:

  • Community classrooms
  • Auditorium
  • Computer lab
  • Multi-purpose events room
  • Administrative office space
  • Library

With the successful expansion of CAEC’s facilities and program offerings the community will take a tremendous step towards solidifying a reliable educational infrastructure and creating a nurturing learning climate.  Education and job training will provide the knowledge and skills that lead to personal development, professional opportunities, and economic stability.

How is the project developing?


The Center is being constructed in La Manzanilla on a 20 x 30 meter lot donated to La Catalina Educational Foundation by the local Ejido government.

Further construction occurs in phases as funds become available.  In 2008 the first room was completed and currently 13 classes per week serving over 60 students operate out of this space.  In 2010 a separate building with bathrooms was built.  The two current projects are to complete the bathroom by installing the sink and painting the walls, and to construct another classroom which will serve as the computer lab. In 2011, the foundations of this second classroom were built, and the walls will be raised as soon as the funds become available.

In the building of the CAEC we have employed numerous local craftspeople, an architect and contractor. They have helped LCEF design an economically plausible plan that should best suit the foundation's needs as well as the needs of the people of La Manzanilla. 


Project Budget Snapshot

How You Can Help

Would you like to help move this project closer to completion? The foundation of the computer lab classroom has been completed, but we do not have enough funds to complete the building this year.  The building still needs walls, a roof, windows, and a door.  We are doing a brick by brick fundraiser for building the walls of the Center.  For more information please click here.

We are always grateful to receive donations through PayPal or Teachers Without Borders.  

Material donations are also welcome, including construction materials, office equipment, computers, tables and chairs, books in Spanish and English for the learning lab, and more. See our wish list pages for more information about materials needed. All donations are tax deductible within Mexico. 

 Click here to Donate now and help complete the bathroom and computer lab!

Educational Center Architectural Design :


 *Architectural plans designed and donated by Alvaro Chavarin.