Wings Scholarship Candidates

This talented group of students has shown a strong desire to continue their education in the 2016-2017 school year but most, for a variety of reasons, cannot afford it. Below is a list of La Manzanilla middle school and high school students who need a sponsor to help them fulfill their dreams! For more information on the scholarships please go to the Middle School Wings ScholarshipsHigh School Wings Scholarships, or University Wings Scholarships pages. 

Please contact us for more information about sponsoring a remarkable scholarship student!


Middle School Scholarship Candidates

Grade 7

Jan Cobian Garcia

Grade: 7

Grade Point Average: 9.3/10

Career Goals: International financier


Jan Cobian Garcia is very smart and has won the first place in his class of 50 students.   He lives with his mother and younger brother, as his parents are divorced.  He is hard working and is inspired by his uncle who is a professional.  His dream is to become an international financier.  He wishes to help his mother and younger brother have a better life.  He needs financial help because his mother has sole economic responsibility for he and his brother.

Jose Luis Castillo Herrera

Grade: 7

Grade Point Average: 8.6/10

Career Goals: Doctor


Jose Luis is an active boy, always alert to his surroundings.  He is smart and funny with a passion for math, which he does well at.  He is a regular at our homework club and participates in extracurricular activities.  He lives with his younger brother and mother who earn a modest living in the field of domestic help.  Jose dreams of becoming a doctor, with the skills to heal his mom when she gets sick. She has carried out the roles of both mother and father, which has been the major inspiration in Jose Luis’ life. 


Grade: 8

Grade Point Average: 9.2/10

Career Goals: Boat Captain

Sponsor: Richard Rasmussen

Heriberto is a calm and hard-working student.  Both of his parents work and so he is often alone in his house. School is not easy for him but he has the discipline and motivation that have led to his success so far.  

to sponsor one of these promising students for the 2016-2017 academic year! To find out more about sponsoring one of these middle school, high school or university students, please contact Maria at or on our contact us page.

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